valPure® for
food containers

Reliable coatings, protecting the integrity
of your brand.

For nearly three decades, Valspar has provided can makers and brand owners around the world with reliable coatings performance while protecting the integrity of their brand.

Whether you pack mild (e.g. peas, corn, pet food), moderate (e.g. carrots, green beans, tuna, chicken soup) or aggressive, hard-to-hold foods (e.g. salsa, soya, sauerkraut), valPure non-BPA food can coatings have been designed to provide maximum protection for both the packed products and the metal can throughout the processes of application, fabrication and packing.

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photo of food cans, no wrappers

valPure® Non-BPA Coatings

SegmentCoated SideColorApplicationSubstrate
3PC Bodies & Ends Interior Gold, Aluminum, White Coil/Sheet ETP/TFS
Exterior Clear, Gold Coil/Sheet ETP/TFS
EZO Ends Interior White, Aluminized Sheet ETP/TFS
D&I Food Cans Interior Gold, Gray Spray ETP
Washcoat Clear Curtain Coater ETP
DRD Food Cans Interior White, Aluminized Coil/Sheet Aluminum/TFS
Exterior Clear, White, Gold Coil/Sheet Aluminum/TFS


Light Gold, Gold







Interior White, Clear, Gray Electrostatic Spray ETP/TFS
Closures Interior Off-white Sheet ETP/TFS
Exterior White, Clear, Gold Sheet ETP/TFS