1. What is valPure®?

valPure includes two new coatings technology platforms that are available now. One of our currently commercial products is a next generation polyester technology that meets the performance requirements of hard to hold foods. The other is our new acrylic technology that has been developed specifically for the inside spray of two piece beverage cans. We are very proud of these two BPA alternatives since they improve greatly on the performance of the current commercially available technologies.  We are continuing to challenge ourselves even further and plan to provide additional, non-BPA* technologies to our customers in the future.

2. Why are you making these new non-BPA* alternatives?

While global food safety agencies continue to review and affirm BPA’s safety as a component material used in the development of coatings for food packaging, regulators in other parts of the world and market preferences are pushing for alternatives to BPA. Therefore, we want to give our customers choices so that they have the option of continuing to use our traditional coatings, or coatings that are non-BPA. 

3. How can we be sure it does not contain BPA?

The polymers used in valPure technologies are created without using BPA.

4. Can you tell me more about the design process used to make valPure?

This is a new development protocol developed by Valspar that is focused on the early screening of materials for regulatory and environmental compliance. The process was developed using the pharmaceutical process as a model. This process emphasizes food packaging safety, performance and global regulatory compliance. More information can be found here: Our Process.

5. Where are the valPure technologies approved?

Valspar’s non-BPA* technologies have more than 100 approvals around the world. In fact, Valspar has the most non-BPA* approvals in the industry.

6. What is the availability of valPure coatings?

valPure is currently available for a wide variety of applications for light metal packaging including beverage ends, inside spray of beverage cans and Food D&I cans. More information can be found here: Our Markets.

7. Can you tell me more about Valspar Packaging?

We provide the coatings that protect what’s inside metal, glass and plastic containers, making products last longer and brands stay stronger. In fact, we are the number one global supplier of metal packaging coatings. Our goal is to develop, protect and advance the packaging design and heritage of many of the world’s best-known brands. To achieve this, we invest millions of dollars in the areas that are most important to brand owners and manufacturers. We also offer complete capabilities that go beyond protecting products—to improving performance, profitability and efficiency. That’s why it’s so important for manufacturers to partner with a leader that has resources, research and knowledge to help predict and adapt to these changes.

8. Why metal packaging?

Metal packaging is a highly sustainable material with an infinite life cycle. No other packaging provides a longer shelf life, better preserves product quality and offers greater protection against spoilage than light metal packaging.