valPure® for
beverage containers

Developed to work with all beverage types

valPure® non-BPA* coating solutions from Valspar continue the legacy of innovation for two-piece beverage cans, bottles,  and ends, monobloc bottles, and bottle crowns.

Our new next generation valPure coatings for beverage containers have been developed to work with all beverage types including beer, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, ready to drink teas, and milks while maintaining line efficiencies and productivity.   We have valPure solutions for 2pc can interiors, beverage end interior and exteriors, monobloc interiors and bottle crowns. 

Download valPure beverage bulletin here.

SegmentCoated SideColorApplicationSubstrate
2PC Beverage Can Interior Clear Spray Aluminum
Beverage End Interior/ Exterior Clear Coil Aluminum
Monobloc Bottle Can Interior Clear Spray Aluminum
Bottle Crowns Interior Gold Sheet TFS