valPure® for
household product containers

Developed for monobloc, closures,
pails and drums

Whether it’s a cap & closure, tube & monobloc, or pail & drum linings or systems you are looking for, Valspar provides valPure® non-BPA* coatings to meet your needs.

valPure® Cap & Closures systems are available to accommodate every closure type, including press-twist (PT) and lug-style caps. Although these coatings are designed for universal performance, they can be custom-formulated to optimize application, fabrication and pack performance. Interiors are buff in color and the exteriors are available in a variety of colors.

Valspar’s paint can coating systems are designed with the ability to ensure interior commodity protection and exterior durability. The steel container industry produces the pails and drums required to package the commercial products of modern industry.

SegmentCoated SideColorApplicationSubstrate
Closures Interior/Exterior Various Coil / Sheet ETP/TFS
Aerosol Interior Grey Sheet ETP
Drums/Pails Interior/Exterior Various Coil/Sheet/ Spray Cold Rolled Steel
Aluminum Tubes Interior Gold Spray Aluminum
Monobloc Interior Clear/Gold Spray Aluminum